Amesville Cemetery, Alpine

About Amesville Cemetery, Alpine

This little cemetery sits on a knoll of a gently rolling hill on the southwest corner of what used to be the John Ames farm. This land was donated by Grandpa Clark Ezra Ames. The rest of the farm was later sold to the Etna Ward for a church farm.

Every year we stood around the graves and wondered and planned what to do about the cemetery. This went on year after year until 1960 when work actually was begun and the dream was beginning to be a reality.

Work started in 1960 by many family members, along with other good people who helped to make the much-needed improvements. A road was graded and graveled by the county and many other things were done.

The Amesville and Etna Cemeteries have been combined in order to get water from the Church welfare farm. They use the same mower and caretaker for both.

There is a small acreage adjacent to the cemetery that can be farmed, which almost makes it self-supporting.

2422 Seymour Ave, Cheyenne, WY, 82001