Bench Monument

A Bench Monument is a fantastic collaboration of a place to rest as well as a memorial to those eternally resting. The bench itself is made of granite and can also be used to hold a loved one’s cremation ashes. There are many designs to honor your loved one but this monument keeps the living close.

Allowing visitors to rest as they grieve and speak with their dearly departed. This design is perfect for those that served in life as their monument continues to serve others. 

In this article, we will be taking a deeper dive into the particulars of bench monument design including their features, combinations, polishes, and personalization. 

Bench Monument Design

To start we need to know the amount of space we can work with, is this bench for a single plot or double? This decides the dimensions of the bench for the most part. Next, we choose a granite color, this will inform our font color decision. You can also choose from a number of leg options and images to grace both the side and the seat of your bench monument. 

With so many choices there is much more to talk about, feel free to take a deeper look or jump to creating your monument with our design team. 

Custom Jet Black Bench
Anschutz Granite Bench Memorial

Bench Monuments For Cremation

Some couples have very different ideas on how they would like to be entombed. For situations like this, the cremation bench monument is perfect. One person’s cremains can be held in a stunning urn either above the main pillar or as a leg of the bench. 

We are happy to accommodate your personalization requests when it comes to building the perfect memorial. We love to work on new ideas and will make the stone work for you. 

Bench Monument Legs and Finishes

A Bench Monument’s legs can give the bench individual character or exist specifically for function. They can also serve the purpose of holding the cremains of your loved one. No matter what you chose your bench monument will last the test of time and give your grieving family a place to rest. 

There are many granite finishes to choose from also. Just like the front of this monument, you might choose to have your granite polished. Or have the edges stay rough with a rock pitch finish. There is also a frosted finish where the rock is smokey but not rough. 

Gould Spanning Mountains Memorial
Paradise Combo Bench

Bench Upright Dual Monument Design

The Bench Upright Dual Memorial is a collaboration of both the traditional bench memorial and the Upright monument style. With half bench features and half upright features, these monuments tend to make a grand statement in the cemetery.

The bench memorial jets out from either one or both sides of the upright tablet that acts as one of the benches support legs. Utilizing this monuments abundance of surface area to design on, you will likely create a truly one of a kind memorial.

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