Bench Monument Legs and Finishes

A Bench Monument’s legs can give the bench individual character or exist specifically for function. They can also serve the purpose of holding the cremation remains of your loved one. No matter what you chose your bench monument will last the test of time and give your grieving family a place to rest. 

There are many granite finishes to choose from also. Just like the front of this monument, you might choose to have your granite polished. Or have the edges stay rough with a rock pitch finish. There is also a frosted finish where the rock is smokey but not rough. 

Pedestal Bench with carbo seat

Single Pedestal Benches

Single pedestal benches are memorials that can accomplish multiple things in a single design. The pedestal leg of this bench in particular for the Koch Family Estate was crafted to allow for both members’ remains to be housed within the shown polish piece.

This single pedestal is crafted using both our polished and rock pitched finishes to match that of the top bench seat. With the unity symbol engraved on the center polish, this makes for a wonderful companion bench memorial.

Saldana Traditional Bench

Harp Legged Benches

Built more for structural utility and open air style, the Harp Legged Bench memorial is an elegant piece to add to any estate memorial. These uniquely shaped legs only come in our polished finish, but really help to make a statement.

Typically, when designing an “all-polish” bench like this, families either use the bench seat or the bench seat front like you can see here on the Saldana Estate Bench. This particular bench sits offset and behind the multiple burial plots of the Saldana estate. Each estate member is personally honored with a flat grave marker over their respective plot.

Alvarado Heart Monument Bench

Straight Legged

Straight Bench Legs are the modern/edgy cousin of the traditional harp leg bench. The hard corners and polished faces  leave a clean and elegant look which complement a polished top very well.

In the case of the Alvarado estate bench, the bench is set into the side of the upright monument. Being a four piece set-up, the family got to customize each available surface to build this wonderfully unique memorial.

Thompson RusThompson Rustic Monument Benchtic Monument Bench

Square Legged Benches With Rock Pitching

Square bench legs with rock pitched side are a rather unique addition and provide a very rustic feel to any memorial design.

In our example , the Thompson companion bench upright monument is built to give a more mountainous and raw cut feel. The larger than usual square bench leg offers a secret hidden compartment to house any cremation remains, while the bench top is set into the side of the upright to help this memorial stand out in the cemetery.

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