Newsom Bronze Plaque

Bronze Plaque Memorials

A Bronze Plaque Memorial is a sophisticated and lasting way to honor a loved one or commemorate an event. Many of the bronze plaques we design and place are on city buildings to commemorate the building, an event, or to simply honor those within. 

It is easy to add personalization to a bronze plaque. With the addition of a photo or a hidden vase on a headstone, each bronze memorial is a unique work of art. The skill is evident in every piece of bronze that is cast from our shop. 

In this article, we will talk about all things bronze. From Companion Bronze Memorials to intricate photo Personalized Bronze Plaque Memorials. So come along for the ride as you have never seen a polished shine quite like our bronze. 

Personalized Bronze Plaque Memorials

These highly personalized plaques use photos to emboss the bronze. With such personal memories, these types of monuments tell a clear story of who this man was. Anything can be embossed in bronze to forever memorialize your loved one. 

Even with such an intricate design, bronze memorials are easier to clean than granite headstones. The choice is clear when you are looking for the gravestone that has the easiest upkeep.  

Ross Bronze Portrait Plaque
Trumble Companion Bronze Marker

Companion Bronze Plaque Memorials

Companion Bronze Plaque Memorials are a timeless way to honor any companionship. The larger size of these types of stones allows for extra images to be added. 

In the example of the Trumble’s headstone, we can tell that they enjoyed the outdoors together. While one was more patriotic and the other more about enjoying the trees. Added to this memorial is a hidden vase that allows visitors to leave flowers while making grounds keeping easier. 

Civic Bronze Plaque Memorials

When a Civic group chooses a Bronze Plaque to memorialize a moment or important donor, it is a regal design choice. These timeless and elegant signs will always fit with the color scheme in any entry area or on the cornerstone of a building. 

Bronze plaques are known to tell a portion of a building’s story that even the residents cannot tell. A great example is the plaque pictured, while few people know why the quote was chosen, it is clear that it had special meaning to the Andersons. 

Anderson Bronze Plaque

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