Broomfield County Commons Cemetery, Broomfield

About Broomfield County Commons Cemetery, Broomfield

The entry to the Broomfield County Commons Cemetery is located on the east side of 9th and Sheridan and is shared with the Calvary Church, south of the site. The cemetery is part of the Broomfield County Commons Park and, once all phases are complete, will be 10 acres.
The first phase of the new cemetery was completed in November 2003 and totals three acres. The expected capacity of the first phase is 738 burials and 866 cremations.

Full Casket burials as well as cremation interment options are available. Both upright and flush monuments are accommodated. The niche wall, located in the center of the cemetery, offers both individual and companion choices. This cemetery also includes a special location where veterans will find a peaceful resting place with their comrades.

The Broomfield County Commons Cemetery Phase 2 expansion was completed in July 2018. This expansion was designed to take into account the growing needs of the community and more than doubled the spaces available in the Cemetery.

524 W. 66th St, Loveland, CO 80538