Brush Memorial Cemetery, Brush

About Brush Memorial Cemetery, Brush

Family plots in the North Cemetery were originally sold in groups of five and are presently sold individually and there are six grave spaces in each lot. Along the road in the First Addition, white marble upright markers were provided by the Veterans Administration for men who served in the Spanish-American War and World War I. Most veteran’s graves in the cemetery are now marked with white metal crosses. Other sections include a part on the west side of the First Addition for Eben Ezer Hospital tuberculosis patients who had no known relatives and the ‘potter’s field in the northeast corner of the Third Addition. Frequent causes of death in the early 1900s included scarlet and typhoid fever, consumption, cholera, diphtheria, and an epidemic of influenza in 1918.

In 1929, the City of Brush! purchased additional land for cemetery expansion from the Lincoln Land Company. The South Cemetery is divided from the North by Mill Street and was opened for interments in 1940 and is divided into Sections and Blocks. Specially designated areas for children and babies can be found in the southwest portion of Section 8. County burials are on the west side of Section 8. The prominent feature of the South cemetery is its tribute to veterans, with a large open park and commemorative monument. Veterans who choose to be buried in designated veteran’s sections are provided burial space free of charge.

The New North Cemetery land was purchased in 1967 from Gladys Richard. The first interment in this area was in October 1999. The City of Brush! now lays the foundations for burial spaces, therefore monuments may be put up as soon as possible.

In 2001 the Columbarium area was added. This area includes 6 niche units for the inurnment of cremated remains. Also in this area is an open-air internment chapel with canvas walls that can be lowered in inclement weather. This area is available for use at any interment in the Brush Memorial Cemetery.

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