Burlington Cemetery, Longmont

About Burlington Cemetery, Longmont

The Burlington Cemetery Association was founded in February 1887 in Longmont, Colorado for the purposes of maintaining the local cemetery for the surrounding area.  In 1960, citizens re-organized it as an unincorporated association, to better serve the goals of renovating, enlarging, and maintaining the pioneer cemetery in proper condition.  In 1978,  the Association was incorporated as a non-profit and established its purpose as “protecting, improving, preserving, embellishing, expanding and perpetuating the existing ancestral burial grounds.”

An endowment care cemetery, Burlington Pioneer Cemetery, also known as Burlington Cemetery, is operated by a volunteer board of directors, who strive to maintain the cemetery while preserving its pioneer history and environment. 

The cemetery is open to all for internment purposes,   but descendants of pioneer families have special entitlements.  Some of the pioneer families interned here include Affolter (Knaus), Beasley (Forsyth), Bader, and Hornbaker, among others.

524 W. 66th St, Loveland, CO 80538