Trumble Companion Bronze Marker

Companion Bronze Plaque Memorials

Companion Bronze Plaque Memorials are a timeless way to honor any companionship. The larger size of these types of stones allows for extra images to be added. 

In the example of the Trumble’s headstone, we can tell that they enjoyed the outdoors together. While one was more patriotic and the other more about enjoying the trees. Added to this memorial is a hidden vase that allows visitors to leave flowers while making grounds keeping easier. 

The Deaguero Memorial

This monument is an ideal representation of a personalized companion bronze memorial. It features the hobbies of those honored and tells their story through pictures.  

The inscription in the corner tells more of their love story and their likeness is found among the memories. When choosing a monument to honor your loved ones this is a great way to allow their memory to last. 

Deaguero Bronze Marker With Vase

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