Autumn Mist Flat Gravestone

Companion Flat Grave Marker

Companion Flat Grave Markers are a caring way to honor the love and companionship a couple shared in life. Telling their story in simple icons or using a beloved backdrop is a simple way to allow their legacy to live on. 

Much like the flat headstone pictured, companion flat headstones can be as personalized as you prefer. We are here to help you make those design decisions with examples and experience. 

Dix Companion Monument Design

The Dix Companion Monument design tells a few stories of Glen, Hazel, and their life together. The backdrop tells you about their lives along with the personalized epitaph. We get a clear picture of life as a cowboy. 

Hazel obviously enjoyed the outdoors but devoted her life to teaching. Glen was a survivor of World War II. Glen was a rugged outdoorsmen who adored his wife. 

Dix Companion Flat Marker
Gifford Companion Flat Markers

Gifford Flat Companion Memorial

The Gifford Flat Companion Memorial has a simple yet unique design. With raised flat headstones honoring each loved one. 

These headstones are a replacement for previous monuments that were not legible. With this update, their family will be able to honor them for many generations to come. 

Questions to help you design a grave marker

  • What was their favorite color? – We likely have a granite color option that will suit them nicely.
  • What did they most like to do while living? – We can incorporate a vast number of memorial scenes to help tell their story.
  • Did they have a favorite flower? – We can carve just about any 3-dimensional bouquet they might have fancied.
  • Did they have a particular place that they called home? – Some of our nature scenes can be adapted to any landscape they used to roam.
  • Did they have an animal that most represented them? – With our laser etching techniques, even the finest details of the lion’s mane can be seen from afar.
  • Was there something big that they accomplished in life? – Military Medals and other awards can all accolades can all be used to help tell their story.

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