Designing a Mausoleum

When Designing a Mausoleum we take into account the regal nature of the monument. We know that your loved one was upstanding and made a powerful statement by this design choice. 

To add more character to this memorial there are fonts, images, and quotes to be added to the stone. The Mausoleum itself can be changed also. We would love to talk at length about your plans. 

In this article, we will chat about the features, polishes, and personalization that can completely change this monument. 

Entombment Theme

When you design a large set of estate pieces like a Mausleoum it is akin to designing a home. The curb appeal so to speak is a consideration, are sharp bold lines your desire, or would a more regal pillared cathedral suit your fancy better? Maybe the roof should be adorned with a statue or cross.

No matter what you envision for your final resting place, Landmark Monuments wants to build it. We have an excellent team of designers and engravers who are able to work closely to bring your dreams to life.  

Thomason Dual Family Estate Mausoleum
Single Companion's Estate Mausoleum

Nameplate Design

The Nameplate is the portion of the mausoleum that holds all the same information as a traditional headstone. In the same way a gravestone can be personalized so can this nameplate. From the color of the granite to the images or quote adorning this monument we want to honor your loved one the best we can.

To add a color portrait of your loved one, a timeless quote, or their favorite bible verse. The sky is the limit when it comes to what we have and will etch into the stone monument for your loved one.  

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Granite Color Choices