Mount Hope Cemetery, Lander

About Mount Hope Cemetery, Lander

All monuments, headstones, or permanent markers shall be set on a concrete base which will extend a minimum of six inches from the edges of the monument, headstone or marker at ground level and will not extend over the property purchased by the Mausoleum or tomb foundations shall meet the specifications for such structures. Stationary vases of metal, marble, concrete, etc., or statues or figurines may not be installed on the foundations, but, must be installed on granite bases, or other material as approved by the department superintendent or his assistant at least four inches above the foundation.

All monuments or headstones must be in line with surrounding monuments or Where permitted, footstones must be mounted flush with the ground.

In sections established after 1970, it is required that monuments be set as to face the closest North by South road. This requires monuments of the west half of a section to be set on the East end of the graves, and monuments of the East half of the section, be set on the West end of the graves. All other situations must be approved by the department superintendent or his assistant.

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