Olivet Cemetery, Cheyenne

About Olivet Cemetery, Cheyenne

During the nineteenth century and the four-year period when Father John McGoldrick was pastor of the Catholic parish in Cheyenne ( 1873- 1877), the original acreage for a Catholic cemetery was secured. During the nation’s Centennial year, Mayor Lawrence Bresnahen gave a bond pledging the transfer of property as soon as the patent was obtained from Washington.  Another bond for another parcel was given in 1885 bringing the total area comprising the catholic cemetery to 18.32 acres.

In the early 1920s, several major projects were begun including the iron fence, the entrance gates and the aligning of grave markers. This renovation was culminated in 1932 when Bishop McGovern named the cemetery “Olivet” and brought a Barre granite Celtic Cross for $3000 to be placed at the Priests’ Circle. Together they forever stand as a sign of the instrument of our redemption and the Holy Place where Jesus irrevocably embraced the cross of His Father’s will.

While there are four parishes in Cheyenne each having a community identity, we also have a wider Catholic community because they share one faith, one baptism and one hope of glory. The Catholic cemetery endures as a faithful witness to our belief that both individuals and the community will be revitalized by the life of the Risen Lord.  

2422 Seymour Ave, Cheyenne, WY, 82001