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Pet Memorial Designs

Pet Memorials vary widely from one design to another. They carry the same information as a human headstone but are geared to our adoring pets. 

When we lose a companion that has been our buddy for many years we want to commemorate that soul. A pet memorial gives you an easy reminder of what your pet meant to you that is moveable and long-lasting. Landmark monuments loves pets of all kinds and want to work with you to build a custom monument to commemorate what your dear pet meant to you. 

In this article we will talk more in depth about your design choices including material, sizes and stories. 


Pet Memorial Materials

When our companions pass we want something that will last a long time to remember them. Usually, we use granite to memorialize our lost loved ones, animals and humans alike.  We can also work in bronze if that is preferred. 

No matter the material, Landmark Monuments wants to help you customize a memorial that will help you tell the story of your beloved pet. We can use a photo or a favorite memory to make this stone one to remember them by. 

SnyderPuss Pet Memorial
Duff The Dog Pet Memorial

Sizes for pet memorials

When it comes to pet memorials they tend to be smaller than a human gravestone. This helps if you choose to place your memorial on your property rather than in a pet cemetery. The smaller monument is much easier to move if you ever needed to live somewhere else. 

No matter the size or location your furry loved one will forever live on. Our stone work will help to make sure of that. 

Many times a pet memorial is no larger than 12 inches by 24 inches, but that design choice is completely up to you. 

Telling your pet's story

Just like when we honor a human loved one, there are things we want to remember about each of our pets forever. A great example is Boo, who ” Made Me Laugh Everyday”, she was a loveable pup but just a little ditzy. She would follow us around the house but stay so focused on us that she would trip. 

A simple epitaph can bring beautiful memories to the forefront of our minds. We would love to help you build a lasting monument to remind you of those beautiful memories. 

 Some people use simple engravings such as “Beloved Pet” and “Forever in our hearts”.  It’s important to keep in mind that whatever you choose will likely spend many years outside and under certain conditions, the inscription may become worn down over time.

Boo pet memorial

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