Precious Memories Pet Cemetery, Fort Collins

About Precious Memories Pet Cemetery, Fort Collins

In October 1989, the facility opened. For the first few years, Harold shouldered the lion’s share of the responsibility while Lisa worked at the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital. After retiring from the university, Lisa worked full-time at Precious Memories with her father. In 1998, the business was more than two people could handle and the staff had to be expanded.

In 1995, the second cremation unit was added and a new building was constructed to house them. Since then, two more units have been added. The original unit did not comply with Larimer County’s strict air pollution laws any longer and was donated to an animal shelter in Summit County. Since 1989, Precious Memories Pet Cemetery and Crematory have played an important role in Northern Colorado, providing the first pet cemetery and cremation facility in the area. We strive to set the highest standards of service and compassion in the pet loss industry.

524 W. 66th St, Loveland, CO 80538