Sand Blasting & Engraving

Landmark Monuments® provides a variety of engraving and sandblasting services.

  • Cemetery Engraving for your loved one’s final date can be done directly on site which eliminates the need to remove an existing headstone.
  • Additional names and dates may be added to an existing headstone.  
  • Our team of craftsmen engrave yard signs for your entrance with street numbers and names.    Additional customized designs can also be engraved to create something unique and one of a kind. This can add a custom look to any home.
  • Sandblasting to remove paint is done on metal parts, car parts, radiators, metal furniture. 

Granite Vases

Landmark Monuments® has a wide variety of granite and marble vases in stock. The tapered vases come all polished or with rock pitched sides. Marble & granite colored turned vases are our most popular style. All our vases come with a special liner to ensure your flowers stay fresh longer.

Flat headstones sitting directly into the ground require an underground (or inverted) vase. They are available in either Bronze or Metalcraft.

Granite and Marble Vases are available in either the turned, or the tapered style.

Cemetery vases for a columbarium attach directly onto the vertical niche panel.


  • Vases On Monuments
  • White Marble Turned Vases
  • Assorted Turned Vases
  • Newbury Gray turned Vase
  • Bronze Inground Vases
  • Gray Marble Turned Vasee

Porcelain Portraits

Porcelain portraits are another way to personalize your monument. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and are guaranteed against fading, cracking, and scratching.

Bronze Butterflies


With years of on-going training, our restoration specialists are some of the best in the country. They have the ability to refurbish your bronze, repair historic monuments, clean headstones, and add new color to existing memorials.