Valley View Cemetery, Torrington

About Valley View Cemetery, Torrington

The cemetery was established July 22, 1908, as a privately owned corporation by William G. Curtis, President & Trustee; William H. Coy, Secretary & Treasurer; G. H. Sawyer, Treasurer & Trustee, A. H. Mason, Trustee; and M. B. Paddock, Trustee; The corporation purchased the land from William B. Kelley for $5,000 and sold shares for $1.00 each.

In 1920 the Cemetery Association decided to buy seven additional acres north of the original cemetery at $300 per acre. This is the East half of the cemetery. The following were elected directors: D. M. Kellam, W. B. Kelley, W. B. Coy, G. H. Sawyer, and James Jackson. This board elected the following officers: James Jackson, President; W. B. Coy, Secretary; G. H. Sawyer, Treasurer. At a Board of Directors meeting in November of 1949, it was decided to turn the land and property of the Valley View Cemetery Association over to the Town of Torrington. This was accomplished on June 19, 1953. They felt the Town could better look after and care for the cemetery at less expense and in a better manner than the association.

On July 22, 1953, the Town purchased the second addition to the cemetery from Kenneth Kluherz. This is the West half of the cemetery. On March 1, 1954, the Town started selling lots at the rate of $50.00 per quarter.

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